T&S has challenged its employees with a creativity challenge. An opportunity to discover the know-how and passions of the teams!

Throughout the month of December, all T&S employees had the opportunity to showcase their skills by participating in an internal contest. The objective of this challenge was to highlight the different technical, manual or artistic skills that our colleagues were able to develop or acquire during this special year 2020.

The rules were very simple: submit a photo and a description of a creation they had created themselves. All types of projects were considered: artistic, utilitarian or even customisation creation.

More than 40 amazingly creative projects were submitted!

The T&S Group would like to thank everyone who took part in this challenge. 2021 will be an opportunity to launch new initiatives.

Some exciting projects submitted

The digital car dashboard “As an embedded system engineer, I did not like the look of the normal analog dashboard on my car and thought it is time to change it to a digital dashboard.”

The oak library bookcase “I choose mainly Oak because it is a high durable wood, easy to work with and it takes a warm finish but I also used Ash for back panels and bookshelves to decrease the costs.”

The connected pot I imagined a connected pot similar to a Tamagotchi, instead of seeing a plant”

The Help Tool “A piece that goes with me when I work on my electrical network so that I have everything at hand. I created it using CAD software and made it with my 3D Plastic printer.”

And also…

“It’s amazing to discover how creative our colleagues could be in their personal projects, 2020 provided an opportunity to launch projects based on personal initiatives. That’s why, we are still developing new ways to animate the T&S community, we organized this challenge for a single purpose:  Sharing all together.“

Estelle Robbino – Event Communication Manager T&S Group


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