Technology & Strategy has developed a solution in the area of autonomous off-road mobility. To that end, the InnoLab team has constructed an electrical engine based two-wheeled drive and steering off-road platform which allow us to develop the technical components for every field of application: agriculture, military, construction, external logistics and some other niche markets (leisure/emergency).

Our project is located at the border between fundamental research and applied research. We have therefore established partnerships with public laboratories such as ICube in Strasbourg (link) and IRIMAS in Mulhouse (link) in order to develop modeling tools, control laws, path planning algorithms, data fusion, etc. These partnerships make it possible to participate in ecosystems at the cutting edge of technology.

Who is Innolab?

Innolab is an innovative team composed of engineers, PhD and PhD students with technical expertise in the following fields:

  • Vehicle chassis and mechanical parts design and conception
  • Sensors integration / instrumentation
  • Electronic boards design
  • Embedded and off-board software development
  • SIL (Software In the Loop) simulation and validation

What we do at InnoLab?

The outdoor experimental platform has been designed entirely by the Innolab team to acquire field data and validate innovative technologies in real conditions.

This platform a full electric two-wheel drive and steering vehicle, which embeds several perception sensors and high automated functions. These functions allow it to carry out various autonomous missions such as : path planning and following, person tracking, obstacle detection and classification etc. This off-road vehicle can also be used to carry out feasibility studies or other activities for customer projects.

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Our services

Gps location technology
Location - data fusion and geofencing

- Design of a safe location algorithm with data fusion
- Provide accurate data:

Local Position (X, Y, Z)
Local Attitude (Yaw, Pitch, Roll)
Reliable Location Area

Motion Control for autonomous navigation

- Motion Control Design & Validation
- Accurate vehicle modeling
- Design of robust control for the motion control
- Control pre-validation into a simulator (SIL)
- Design of algorithms to plan the path of one or several robots complying with rules

Sensing and obstacle detection

- Design of application to detect the obstacle into an unstructured environment
- Detect both overcoming obstacles and « true » obstacles

Vehicle modeling

- Vehicle dynamic modeling, soil/tire interface
- Vehicle simulation into offroad environment
- Robust command laws : lateral / longitudinal
- Sliding mode control

Safety Standard compliance

- Safety analysis of the system- HARA (hazard analysis and risk assessment)

- Design of architectures to comply with the required performance level

- Technical support for the auto-certification process

Production of prototype vehicles

- Design and conception of a customized prototype for autonomous applications, R&D projects, student work, etc.

Meet the team

Matthias Spisser
Head of innovation
Vincent Person
R&D engineer specialized in embedded systems
Jérémie Guignard
Head of R&D finance
Sébastien Julien
R&D director

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A word from management

"Since its launch in 2008, T&S has positioned itself as a gas pedal capable of supporting companies in their transformation, by aligning their needs with our skills. Faced with multiple market "tipping points" and the constant questioning of established rules, innovation appears to be the only answer to this paradigm shift. The award of the R&D grant for generation 2 of the Kipp all-terrain autonomous robot is a strong signal for the future of our company and for our positioning in terms of innovation".

Jérémie Huss
CEO T&S Group

"Innovation plays a central role in T&S's strategy, as it enables us to prepare for tomorrow's services by being aware of market needs. In this sense, innovation goes beyond the product and its process, impacting both the values and the culture of a company. All these innovations become the driving force behind global performance at group level. Through innovation, T&S aims to equip itself with the skills and know-how needed to meet our customers' challenges.

Jérémie Guignard
R&D Financing Manager

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MIAM team (Modeling and Identification in Automation and Mechanics) of the IRIMAS/UHA laboratory


IMAGeS team (Image, Modeling, Learning, Geometry and Statistics) from the ICube/UNISTRA laboratory