Our commitment to innovation fuels our technical expertise, propelling us to meet the evolving needs of our customers and industry trends.

We relentlessly pursue mastery of cutting-edge technologies, anticipating future challenges and customer aspirations. This foresight enables us to deliver innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with evolving business practices.

Our team transcends traditional market boundaries, exploring new frontiers and forging partnerships to expand our reach.

Our hallmark is bridging the gap between applied research and market needs, translating disruptive innovation into practical solutions that address real-world challenges, driving value for our customers, and shaping the future of industry.

T&S's unwavering dedication to innovation ensures that our technical expertise remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to deliver transformative solutions that redefine the possibilities.

Off-road autonomous vehicle in the fields

Why has T&S chosen to focus on the autonomous off-road vehicle market?

T&S has chosen to focus on autonomous off-road vehicles due to the growing demand for automation in this sector, which is driven by labor shortages, production efficiency concerns, and operator safety concerns.

The market is rapidly evolving and experiencing significant growth, providing promising solutions for addressing the challenges of the ecological transition.

Autonomous mobility : multiple sectors of activities

Autonomous mobility will revolutionize multiple sectors, from urban transportation to logistics and agriculture.
This will lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety.
off-road autonomous robot working thanks to LiDAR Sensors

Who is Innolab?

Innolab is an innovative team composed of engineers, PhD and PhD students with technical expertise in the following fields:

  • Robotics
  • Sensor Data Fusion
  • Deep learning (images and point cloud).
  • Advanced Control Engineering
  • Physical system modelling
  • Vehicle System Architecture
  • Safety Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering for vehicle design.

Our off-road autonomous vehicle activities?

  1. Scientific research:

We have established partnerships with public-sector laboratories to explore new areas of applied research. Our focus is on environmental perception in unstructured environments and off-road vehicle control.

  1. Connect with the needs of the market:

Our scientific research results allow us to implement innovative solutions that meet specific market needs. Some of the solutions we have developed include trajectory planning specific to agricultural work, as well as trajectory and person tracking.

  1. Supporting Our Customers:  

We are proud to provide our customers with reliable technical solutions that result from our research and feedback from field-testing campaigns.

Our expertises

Location - data fusion and geofencing icon

Location - data fusion and geofencing

Design of a location solution using a multi sensor data fusion (GNSS, IMU, Lidar, Camera). Integrate a geolocation solution in a vehicle and complies with the safety requirements.

Motion control

Motion Control for autonomous navigation

Complete design and validation of the motion control of the autonomous vehicle. Model-based design method, robust control, and pre-validation in SIL. Detection of a failure from the motion control system.

Sensing and obstacle detection icon

Sensing and obstacle detection

Design of applications to analyze an unstructured environment and detect people, obstacles, vegetation, navigable area, objectives, missions key points, and more.

Vehicle modeling and simulation icon

Vehicle modeling

Vehicle dynamic modeling, with a deformable soil/tire interface.
Simple model for control design.
Accurate model to run a simulator. (Chrono Project & Matlab).

Sensing and obstacle detection icon

Safety Standard compliance

Safety analysis of the system-HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment) Design of architectures to comply with the required performance level Support for the auto-certification process

icon for Production of prototype vehicles

Production of prototype vehicles

Design and conception of a customized prototype for autonomous applications and research projects.
Supplied with the low-level software (actuators and sensors) and a ROS2 environment.

Why trust the T&S Innolab with your projects?

Our teams of experts can help you in multiple phases of the product you are developing and benefit from all the competencies centers of the T&S group

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Innolab benefits from all the competencies centers of the T&S group
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Our expert consultants provide on-site support, integrating your development methods and tools to deliver tailored assistance. The consultant will be trained and monitored by our R&D experts at Innolab to ensure they bring the latest insights from your specific scientific or technical domain.


The service center enables us to put our expertise at your disposal through a comprehensive catalog of services. With this solution, you can choose your resources “à la carte”, depending on the support you need for your project. This mode of intervention offers great flexibility and simplified management of your budget.

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With a fixed-price contract, we assume complete responsibility for the project, guaranteeing adherence to deadlines, deliverable quality, and budget constraints. We are committed to both the means and the outcomes of your project.

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Meet the team

Matthias Spisser Head of innovation at T&S  portrait picture
Matthias Spisser
Head of innovation
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Vincent Person
R&D Project Leader
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Jérémie Guignard
Head of R&D funding
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R&D director
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A word from management

"Since its launch in 2008, T&S has positioned itself as a gas pedal capable of supporting companies in their transformation, by aligning their needs with our skills. Faced with multiple market "tipping points" and the constant questioning of established rules, innovation appears to be the only answer to this paradigm shift. The award of the R&D grant for generation 2 of the Kipp all-terrain autonomous robot is a strong signal for the future of our company and for our positioning in terms of innovation".

Jérémie Huss
CEO T&S Group

"Innovation plays a central role in T&S's strategy, as it enables us to prepare for tomorrow's services by being aware of market needs. In this sense, innovation goes beyond the product and its process, impacting both the values and the culture of a company. All these innovations become the driving force behind global performance at group level. Through innovation, T&S aims to equip itself with the skills and know-how needed to meet our customers' challenges.

Jeremie, head of research and development
Jérémie Guignard
Head of R&D Funding

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