Diversity and inclusion

As a responsible employer, T&S fosters diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace through its inclusive and equal opportunity policies. To support this conviction, we have made commitments and adopted action plans in favor of diversity and equal opportunity.

One of the 3 pillars of T&S Groupe's professional equality strategy is to ensure equality in all its professions, particularly in the technical field. In a technological and industrial sector where women still account for a small proportion of the workforce, T&S Groupe has made the promotion of women in the engineering professions a central part of its strategy, which is why T&S is a partner of the Elles bougent association, whose network and actions contribute effectively to promoting scientific careers among young girls.

T&S is committed to ensuring the inclusion and continued employment of workers with disabilities. In 2021, we launched a partnership with PiDieM aimed at strengthening prevention and health in the workplace.

Since 2016, T&S employees have been invited to support young graduates via the NQT mentoring action.The aim is to promote the employability of young people from social backgrounds who suffer from the social marker.

Mixité de genre

L’un des 3 axes de sa stratégie d’égalité professionnelle vise à assurer l’égalité dans tous ses métiers, notamment technique. Ainsi, au sein d’un secteur technologique et industriel où les femmes représentent encore une faible part des effectifs, T&S Groupe met au cœur de sa stratégie la promotion de la féminisation des métiers de l’ingénierie.C’est pourquoi, T&S est partenaire de l’association Elles bougent dont le réseau et les actions contribuent efficacement à promouvoir les carrières scientifiques auprès des jeunes filles.


T&S s’engage pour garantir l’inclusion et le maintien dans l’emploi des travailleurs en situation de handicap. Cela se concrétise à travers d’actions de sensibilisation et de formation, notamment auprès des équipes RH et Managers.Nous avons lancé en 2021 un partenariat avec PiDieM ayant pour objectif de renforcer la prévention et la santé au travail.

Diversité sociale

Depuis 2016, les collaborateurs de T&S sont invités à accompagner des jeunes diplômés via l’action de mentorat NQT.L’objectif est de favoriser l’employabilité de jeunes issues de milieux sociaux et qui souffrent du marqueur social.


T&S is committed to limiting its environmental footprint by implementing an environmental and responsible purchasing policy.

Waste sorting

We systematically sort all our waste with the support of our partners Elise and EcoMégo.

No more cups!

We provide each new employee with a reusable water bottle in order to banish the use of plastic bottles.In 2021, these commitments were rewarded with Ecovadis certification. Thanks to this silver medal, T&S is now among the top 16% of companies in terms of implementation and compliance with CSR principles and actions.

Quality of life at work

Well-being in the workplace is a fundamental pillar of our CSR policy. This is why T&S takes measures to ensure a work-life balance adapted to each individual.

Regular monitoring of well-being indicators enables us to measure the evolution and impact of the actions implemented within the company:

  • Tailored support for each consultant from an HR consultant and a business consultant
  • Flexible work organization with telecommuting whenever possible
  • Quality of work spaces and equipment

Since 2021, T&S has been encouraging its employees to get involved in associative missions both on their own time and during working hours, thanks to the Vendredi platform.

Our international presence

We are present in 8 countries, with 22 branches across Europe, so that we can provide our customers with local support that takes into account the intrinsic problems of their markets.

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