Technology & Strategy sponsors the "Cordées Companieros" program at ENSEA

Technology & Strategy was pleased to sponsor this project for the first time as part of its relationship with ENSEA; Kahina Amoura, Diversity & Inclusion Talent leader, was able to present a webinar to the students of the “Cordée” to present the Diversity and Mixity policy within our company.


“La Cordée” is a group of students from the same school who are motivated to learn about different subjects, such as the integration of disabilities in companies or gender equality.

This program allowed us to provide training to 11 future graduates before they enter the professional world. They will therefore become pioneers of a more inclusive management style that values all talents. This great social action is perfectly aligned with our CSR commitments in terms of gender diversity. The best part of this project is that we will even be able to welcome two of these students as interns in our teams within a few weeks.


T&S Inclusion and Diversity Manager

These courses are designed to provide students and future managers with the necessary skills to have a positive impact on the management of the companies they will join once they are in the workplace.

Diversity manager qu distribue les diplomes

Technology & Strategy is proud to have been able to take part in this added value scheme for both companies and students.

Furthermore, and following this training, we will have the pleasure to welcome 2 labelled students who participated in the “cordée” in the near future.

A big thank you to Kahina Amoura, Anne-Sophie Morel and Caroline Simmet for their involvement in this scheme and with the students, and congratulations to the labelled students!

La cordé diplômée companieros 2021 formé par technology and strategy

Our school partnership’s primary goal is to bring added value to students in their professional projects. The collaboration we have with ENSEA is particularly dear to our company as it follows this idea while supporting an initiative that promotes our common values. Has icing on the cake: we have met motivated students who share the same values as us and who are joining us for an internship this spring!

Technology and strategy campus manager

Caroline SIMMET

T&S Campus Manager


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