A new milestone for our Vector partnership!

Vector certified Embedded Engineering partner medal

Technology & Strategy is now an official Vector Certified Embedded Engineering Partner (CEEP). We are particularly proud of this certification which distinguishes our high level of expertise in the automotive electronic control unit technological field from other consulting companies.

What does the certificate program mean?

By successfully completing Vector’s certificate program, our engineers in Stuttgart’s competence center are now fully trained as Vector’s basic software and corresponding software tools experts.

As a result, and to strengthen our premium partnership on an increasingly demanding market, our Core Team will also stay in close touch with Vector specialists to ensure our technical awareness in the long run.

This specific yet highly sought-after qualification enables us to continuously offer flexible and customized support for all demanding AUTOSAR projects (Classic and Adaptive) throughout the development of their projects.

A close annual collaboration…

During the membership phase, the following advantages apply:

  • Exclusive Member workshops at Vector twice a year
  • Regular online sessions “Ask the Expert”, with Vector Experts on current topics and issues
  • Networking with other Vector Certified Embedded Professionals
  • Access to online training and workshop materials
  • Access to community events

What are the clear benefits for T&S?

There is no doubt that this new qualification will offer us a more exclusive market position, especially with today’s reduced time-to-market and increasingly demanding cybersecurity environments.

This new competitive advantage will not only allow us to stay on track in terms of high technologies’ evolution in the automotive electronic control units field, but also to keep meeting original equipment manufacturers and automotive industry suppliers’ needs.


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