Bpifrance and Business France selected T&S for an international programme in Germany and Austria in the field of new mobilities.

T&S has been chosen to become part of a delegation of fourteen French companies recognised for their expertise and participated in a programme to put them in direct contact with the main stakeholders in the German and Austrian markets. This mission is led by Bpifrance and Business France.

This is an additional opportunity for the T&S group to forge and develop new partnerships with the key players in future mobility (clean mobility, autonomous vehicles), but also with companies undergoing major technological changes (in the field of AgTech, for example).
T&S works with its European clients on these challenges, both on innovative subjects and on serial projects, providing both technical assistance and work package solutions.

“Working hand in hand with Bpifrance and Business France is a very promising opportunity. Being chosen alongside industrial players is a recognition of our technical know-how on offers of expertise such as MBSE (Model Based System Engineering), and is a reward for our work on new mobility-related innovation.
Our meetings enable us to pursue our expansion in some areas in Germany and to begin a prospective mission on the Austrian market.”

Marianne Florea – Marketing and Sales Director

Read Bpifrance’s press release (French)


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