T&S has just received our 2022 assessment results: 

At Technology & Strategy, we understand the importance of sustainable business practices and are committed to promoting ethical, responsible, and shared governance. We recognize that our actions as a company have an impact on the environment and society and strive to make a positive difference through our operations and thanks to our CSR policy.  

One of the tools that helps us reduce our impact on the environment is an annual carbon footprint assessment. By measuring the amount of carbon emissions, we generate in our day-to-day operations with the platform CARBO, we can identify areas where we can improve and take action to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our latest carbon footprint survey indicated that our activity generated 91% less CO2 emissions than the average for companies in our sector, equivalent to 1.9 tCO2e per employee and 2.1 tCO2e per 100k€ of revenue. 

Understanding the assessment : 

Our carbon footprint assessment is divided into five categories: digital uses, operations, purchasing and support, offices, and travel. Each of which helps us understand and evaluate the carbon emissions generated by the company. 

Digital uses

Technology and strategy carbon footprint assesment results of our digital uses

In the “digital uses” category, we evaluate the carbon emissions generated by the use of devices, networks, and servers.
This means that we measure the amount of energy consumed by the devices that our employees use, the networks they connect to, and the servers that host our data.

To improve this score, we donate our no longer used IT equipment to Emmaüs Connect and Desclicks, thus also promoting the integration of socially and digitally disadvantaged people. 

T&S Offices

In the offices’ category, we estimate the emissions associated with the construction and use of our offices. This includes the energy consumed by our office buildings, as well as the resources and waste generated by our operations. 
Understanding the carbon footprint of our offices and digital uses helps our CSR team identify ways to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable practices in the workplace.  

A good example is the use of sustainable energies in our headquarters in Schiltigheim France. Our three-story building, who, welcomes approximately 150 persons. 

Technology and strategy carbon footprint assessment results for all our offices

T&S operations

Technology and strategy carbon footprint assessment results of our everyday operations

In the operations’ category, we estimate the emissions generated by internal and external communication, events, and delivery services. This category encompasses a wide range of activities, including team meetings, conferences, and client events. 


Purchasing & Support

The purchasing and support category estimates the carbon footprint of our purchases of raw materials or finished products, their associated transport, and the purchases of services.
This means that we measure the carbon emissions generated by the production and transportation of the goods and services that we use in our day-to-day operations. 

Technology and strategy 2022 carbon footprint assessment results for all our purchasing and support

Our suppliers are invited to sign our supplier relationship and responsible purchasing charter and to complete the questionnaire, and our buyers are trained in responsible purchasing. 

By evaluating the carbon emissions generated by our operations and by our purchasing and support activities, we can identify ways to reduce our environmental impact while still maintaining our high standards for quality and service. 


Technology and strategy 2022 carbon footprint assessment results for all t&s travelling

Finally, in the travel category, we estimate the carbon footprint of our employees’ daily commutes and business travel. This includes the carbon emissions generated by our employees’ use of transportation, whether it be by car, train, or airplane.  

T&S is committed to green mobility and thus refunds 100% of public transport and bike rental in France to allow employees to commute environmentally friendly. Leasing of e-bike are also offered to our employees 

By understanding the carbon footprint of our travel activities, we can identify ways to reduce our environmental impact by focusing on the most important metrics in the assessment.  

Thanks to projects led by our CSR team in 2022, we have improved our organization, the work-life balance of our employees, and our carbon footprint.  

Awareness-raising actions are held each year in order to promote environment friendly behaviours.  

Overall, by evaluating the carbon emissions generated by our day-to-day operations in each of these categories, we identify areas where we could make improvements. Our CSR commitments enforce us to act in these specific areas in order to reduce our overall carbon footprint year after year.  

Technology & Strategy is committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact, as we believe that it is our responsibility to lead by example and promote sustainable practices in our industry.  

Our goal is to have a positive impact on society by supporting our clients in their projects, creating a sustainable work environment for our employees, and promoting ethical governance. 

Thanks to our CSR team and their multiple projects, we are committed to sustainability and the reducing our carbon footprint. 

Technology & Strategy believes that responsible and ethical governance is essential to creating a more sustainable future for all. 


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