According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), less than 30% of researchers around the globe are women.

We decided to interview our women engineers’ and share with you their point of view on this matter.


  Meet our engineers    

Women engineer at Englab

Cyrine Charfeddine

🎓 Education:

Master 2 in Embedded Systems

(University of Montpellier)

Women engineer at ENGLAB

Aigerim Kaden

🎓 Education:

Master in Mechatronics & Energy

(University of Strasbourg)


🎯 Their missions : Embedded systems development, test automation / test and validation Tehi

Women engineer at Englab

 What are you most passionate about in your job?  

First of all, the field of science and engineering offers a privileged access to different sectors of activity such as health, agriculture or industry. This allows us to meet people from different fields and functions. Moreover, our job enables us to evolve in a rich environment but also to acquire new skills constantly! In the end, being able to learn and evolve on a daily basis are the core objectives of an engineer which is why, to me, it is paramount to challenge myself even more!

 As-tu rencontré des difficultés liées à l'identité de genre au cours de ton parcours ?  

During both my academic and professional career, I have never encountered any problems related to gender identity. From my point of view, today’s society is now becoming mature enough not to mix or confuse gender and skills. It is the experiences of a person that makes the difference in a recruitment, and that is why women have all cards in hand to succeed in the engineering field too!

Women engineer at ENGLAB

 Scientific professions are often considered as “men's professions”. As a woman in science, what do you think?  

Historically, women were limited in their choices, especially regarding work. Scientific jobs were reserved for men. Since then, society has evolved, giving place to many changes and new opportunities. Today, more and more women are joining the world of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) without second thoughts! The stereotype of “engineering and scientific fields are male disciplines” is no longer true. Men and women can benefit from the same training and are more than capable of working in any kind of engineering field as long as they’re motivated.

 What advice would you give to a young woman interested in pursuing the field of science and engineering?  

Self-confidence is the most important thing for every project you undertake! It is what gives you strength and determination. It allows you to always challenge yourself and overcome your fears. You truly should not hesitate to take risks even if you’re not always successful. In the long run, this is what enables you to learn and move forward in the right direction.


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