Technology & Strategy and INSA Strasbourg have decided to renew their partnership. 

With the start of every new year comes the opportunity for us to renew our ongoing partnerships.

Technology & Strategy and INSA Strasbourg have been partners for more than six consecutive years now and have agreed to pursue this relationship until 2024. 

This new agreement includes school funding and skills sponsorship.

We support INSA Strasbourg’s mechanical and electrical engineering platform to provide up-to-date technological equipment for the training of the INSA Students.

T&S will benefit from the INSA business recognition program, which allows partner companies to participate in multiple events thought out the year. Industry or energy theme days, job dating, recruitment day, major partner day, and other events enable T&S to promote to INSA students its career pathways, the multiple solutions it has for its customers and strengthen its relations with its mechanical, electrical and HVAC engineering department. 

T&S will also be able to showcase its vacancies and internships on the school’s professional insertion platform. 

This partnership has already proven to be valuable in the past has we were able to welcome several internships on topics aligned with their studies. Some are still with us under permanent contracts. Technology & Strategy has at heart to satisfy all its interns and collaborators. This is also the objective of the HappyTrainees and HappyatWork labels, which we have been accredited with annually by internal surveys carried out by ChooseMyCompany since 2020.

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Signature partenariat INSA Strasbourg & Technology&Strategy
Crédit photo : Céline Boulin

Signature partenariat INSA Strasbourg & Technology&Strategy photo groupe
Crédit photo : Céline Boulin

A former INSA Student, Arnaud Bastien, Team Manager at T&S signs the contracts

For the occasion, Caroline Simmet and Arnaud Bastien met with Romuald Boné and Nadine Dobslaff  to discuss the school’s projects and to visit the school premises. 

Tedjani Mesbahi, professor of electrical engineering at INSA also took this opportunity to showcase some of the latest technological equipment that contributes to the training of INSA future-engineers. 

We thank INSA Strasbourg for their confidence and wish all of INSA students great success throughout their studies and their future careers. 

Signature partenariat INSA Strasbourg & Technology&Strategy tchnological equipment tour
Crédit photo : Céline Boulin

Signature partenariat INSA Strasbourg & Technology&Strategy visite des locaux INSA
Crédit photo : Céline Boulin

“ I would like to thank Technology & Strategy for the renewal of this partnership. The relationship with Technology & Strategy is original because it combines a financial partnership, a partnership via the apprenticeship tax but also a skill sponsorship partnership by intervening in electrical engineering training. "

Philippe Leroy

directeur INSA entreprises

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INSA Strasbourg is a public establishment of a scientific, cultural and professional nature (EPCSCP), bound by the principle of commercial neutrality of the public service of education.

Its main mission is the initial training of engineers and architects.

The school also has the following missions:

  • the continuous training of engineers, architects and industrial executives
  • the preparation for other university level education degrees
  • to carrying out research, studies, trials and development
  • the dissemination of knowledge from all the School’s missions
  • cooperation with public or private organizations, French or foreign
  • professional insertion

INSA Strasbourg specializes in architecture, civil engineering and topography, plastics processing, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, HVAC and energy engineering.

The specialties concerned by this partnership are those of the mechanical department and the electrical and climatic engineering department (in particular the electrical engineering specialty).

Open Days of INSA Strasbourg

Meet INSA Strasbourg‘s pedagogical teams and students, online, on January 22.

Open Days of INSA Strasbourg


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