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Specialized in IT, engineering and digital transformation, we have our own design offices and support our customers in all phases of their project development, whatever their sector of activity.

Automotive, aeronautics, defense, energy, industry, biomedical - as many sectors as career opportunities for our Talents. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary skills, we innovate every day to meet market demands.

In addition to the possibilities for advancement in your initial career, we also offer the opportunity to move into parallel careers. Technical, sales, corporate: there are many bridges.

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What is Smart Consulting?

Intelligent systems, factory 4.0 and big data

We will accelerate our customers' technological development by integrating all the challenges of tomorrow's world.

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What is a Smart Product?

Intelligent, connected solutions

Design, simulation, testing: our experts innovate to offer you disruptive, connected solutions.

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Une approche agile et innovante

La conception d’un produit fait appel à plusieurs expertises nécessitant le travail de différents ingénieurs et techniciens. Les produits sont passés de sous-ensembles mécaniques, électroniques à systèmes complexes intégrant des blocs mécatroniques et informatiques. Pour optimiser les coûts de développement et tester tous les modes de fonctionnement, les produits sont simulés sur ordinateurs d’un point de vue structure mais également sur leurs fonctionnalités.

Ces blocs sont en interfaces avec d’autres en s’appuyant sur des réseaux de communication physiques ou dématérialisés. Le Digital permet de collecter les données, les trier, les exploiter et de modifier le comportement du produit.

An agile and innovative approach

Product design calls on the expertise of a number of different engineers and technicians. Products have evolved from mechanical and electronic sub-assemblies to complex systems integrating mechatronics and IT blocks. To optimize development costs and test all modes of operation, products are simulated on computers, both structurally and functionally.

These blocks interface with others via physical or dematerialized communication networks. Digital technology enables data to be collected, sorted and used, and to modify product behavior.

What is Smart Data?

Big data and real-time analysis

Decision-making, turnaround times, an intelligent, connected approach: we save you time.

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Data processing and optimization

Products are now designed to capture information, transmit it via the Internet, analyze it and optimize their behavior. This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Objects can also be connected to each other. Most sectors of activity make use of this technology, from healthcare to home automation.

The success of a product is no longer based solely on its technical performance, but also on user behavior and needs. This is made possible by Smart Data (collecting and sorting relevant data) and Business Intelligence (translating data into vital information for decision-making).

What is the Smart factory?

Factory 4.0

Machines, people and processes for the factory of tomorrow.

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Controlled, connected production

Product industrialization has evolved considerably in recent years, moving from factory 1.0 (mechanization) to 4.0, integrating digital technology and connecting people, products and processes. Production is currently undergoing profound transformations. Technological innovations have made it possible to reduce manual labor and boost productivity and quality. Production lines are now connected to optimize manufacturing processes.

The trend towards ultra-customization is generating new design and, above all, industrialization constraints.

Le Smart Consulting, c’est quoi ?

Système intelligent, usine 4.0 et big data

Nous accélerons le développement technologique de nos clients en intégrant tous les enjeux du monde de demain.

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Le Smart Product, c’est quoi ?

Solutions intelligentes et connectées

Conception, simulation, tests, nos experts innovent pour vous proposer des solutions disruptives et connectées.

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Le Smart data, c’est quoi ?

Big data et analyse en temps réel

Prise de décision, délai de traitement, approche intelligente et connectée : Nous vous faisons gagner du temps.

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Le Smart factory, c’est quoi ?

L’usine 4.0

Des machines, des hommes et des processus au service de l’usine de demain.

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T&S trains you

Talent's Academy

Engagés dans votre carrière, nous vous accompagnons dans votre évolution via un programme de formation personnalisé. Les programmes sont construits par des ingénieurs, des managers et des formateurs certifiés.

Depuis 2016, nous avons créé notre propre académie de formation interne qui propose des sessions de formation collective et un suivi individuel en fonction de vos demandes:

Formations Techniques

Sur un marché fortement concurrentiel, notre expertise nous permet de nous différencier. Les compétences techniques pointues de nos collaborateurs nous donnent accès à un grand nombre de projets au niveau national et international et répondent au mieux aux exigences de nos clients. Les formations techniques mais aussi linguistiques jouent un rôle important dans l’évolution constante de nos collaborateurs.


Riches de l’expertise de nos consultants, de nos partenariats technologiques et de nos référentiels projet, nous créons jour après jour de nouvelles solutions innovantes à forte valeur ajoutée. Partenaire Gold Certified Microsoft, nous sommes à la pointe des dernières technologies applicatives. T&S valorise les esprits créatifs, qui, alliés à un souci d’excellence, nous permettent d’offrir à nos clients innovation et performance.

Formations Transverses
Compétences humaines

Depuis 2016, le Groupe T&S s’est doté d’une Académie de formation interne qui propose des sessions de formations collectives et un suivi individuel des personnes. Les thèmes abordés couvrent les compétences techniques métiers, mais aussi les compétences humaines.

Talent's Academy

Committed to your career, we support your development through a personalized training program. Programs are designed by engineers, managers and certified trainers.

Since 2016, we have created our own in-house training academy that offers group training sessions and individual follow-up based on your requests:


In a highly competitive market, our expertise sets us apart. The advanced technical skills of our staff give us access to a large number of national and international projects, and enable us to meet our customers' requirements as effectively as possible. Technical and linguistic training play an important role in the ongoing development of our staff.


Drawing on the expertise of our consultants, our technology partnerships and our project repositories, we create new, innovative, high value-added solutions day after day. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are at the cutting edge of the latest application technologies. T&S values creative minds, which, combined with a commitment to excellence, enable us to offer our customers innovation and performance.

People skills

Since 2016, the T&S Group has had an in-house Training Academy that offers group training sessions and individual follow-up for people. The topics covered cover technical business skills, but also human skills.

Our international presence

We are present in 11 countries, with 24 branches across Europe, so that we can provide our customers with local support that considers the intrinsic problems of their markets.

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Our Talents

Coming from a variety of backgrounds and educational backgrounds, our Talents work together to build tomorrow's world. Our teams are made up of over 45 different nationalities and cultures. This diversity is our strength!

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Our commitment to quality

In the interests of efficiency and performance, and to guarantee a service that meets your requirements, we have implemented a quality management system since our creation. We are ISO9001: 2015 certified.

Our commitments

Life at T&S

Christmas party

Much more than a simple get-together, it's a magical evening, and above all an opportunity to bring together all our employees from Europe and beyond. Since our creation, every year-end, we reserve an exceptional evening for our employees, where cohesion, harmony and good humor reign supreme. From cocktails to DJs, the evening is always punctuated with surprises and gifts.

Sports activities

Whether you're a runner, gymnast, racing driver or footballer, do you want to excel alone or as part of a team? Technology & Strategy offers you the opportunity to take part in competitions and proudly represent the company's colors. Sport is all about surpassing yourself, but it's also an opportunity to bond with your colleagues, whether on the pitch, during the match or afterwards over a drink.


We attach great importance to moments of conviviality, which is why we organize afterworks to bring our teams together. In each region, our teams get together to take part in these evenings, on the occasion of a cultural or sporting event, or simply for fun.

Agency meeting

To celebrate the arrival of summer, every year each region gets together for a Summer Party. The program includes presentations of the Group's ambitions, discussions with human resources departments and demonstrations of innovative projects. A unique opportunity to meet colleagues and share an evening in a summer atmosphere.

Our experts are a phone call away!

Ask your questions and find solutions for your product development

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