For the second consecutive year, T&S France is rewarded the HappyIndex® Trainees certification de ChooseMyCompany.

T&S proudly welcomes and accompanies more than a hundred interns and trainees every year. We strongly believe that their presences brings a flourishing professional dynamic to our company.

The HappyIndex® Trainees evaluation is anonymous and only concerns interns and trainees. It interrogates participants to evaluate the quality of their time at T&S. Subjects like, their missions, their integration with their teams, their work-load and responsibilities etc. Not only that, they also question aspects such as quality of their exchanges with their managers, their motivation, their consideration, the stress and pressure they felt at work and so forth.

Nuage de mots en forme d'étoiles des commentaires de l'enquete HappyTrainees 2021.
nJoy&FunPrideMotivationManagementStimulating EnvironmentProfessional ProgressionThese questions are organized in 6 sections :

Our results for the 2021 survey

Although there is still room for improvements to be made, we are happy to share with you our results for this year’s inquiry:

Our global results  from the HappyIndex Trainees 2021

The data and charts that the ChooseMyCompany plateform puts at our disposal, confirms last year tendencies. Our main strenghs are found in the Management and in the professional progression sections.

This certification is in addition to the HappyAtWork 2021 certification, which assesses Technology and Strategy according to the same procedure, but by interviewing all T&S employees. Find out more here.

Roadmap 2022

These surveys highlight our strengths and weaknesses, which helps put in motion a concrete action plan around the themes that need improvement. These actions are available for all T&S members.

One of the identified themes of this 2021 survey where improvements can be made is the diversity and inclusion theme. Our Diversity and Inclusion Talent  Leader Kahina Amoura, leads  our policy in favor of equity in terms of job opportunities (disability, equity between men & women, etc.) and our CSR commitments (Corporate Social Responsibility). She is currently working on the implementation of regular webinars which will be made accessible to all T&S members. A first edition should ensue shortly and cover the energy consumption and greenhouse gaz.

Our 2022 survey has already begun, and we strongly encourage our interns and trainees to participate. These inquiries allow T&S to make progress and to better frame and manage our future trainees and interns.

In order to share strong values ​​that are dear to us, T&S signed a partnership this year with ENSEA based on the support of a team. This aims to raise awareness and train students before their arrival in the professional world with regard to gender diversity. Our desire is to support students in their professional project, also through such actions that meet our commitments in terms of diversity.

Caroline Simmet – Campus Manager

Pourquoi pas vous ?

ooking for an internship, a VIE or a work-study contract? Our teams are looking year-round for positions in Engineering, IT/Digital, HR, Business and the Corporate functions of T&S Group (Finance, Accounting, Communication, …).


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