T&S Group is proud to start a new chapter in its digital division with the integration of Octelio Conseil as part of Degetel.

The common history of both brands of the Technology & Strategy Group has taken shape. The digital data-driven marketing agency Octelio Conseil, created in 2002 and part of the group since 2015, has joined Degetel’s teams to enrich its expertise.

This alliance is driven by a common desire to unite forces and to offer customers an ever more complete approach. The common DNA and common culture contribute to the credibility of this new organisation.

A new range of services for Degetel

With this integration, Degetel expands its offer in digital services consulting. The new Digital Marketing expertise provided by the Acquisition and Data eCRM teams will help customers with their traffic, collection and retention campaigns, from strategic planning to operational deployment.

This new vertical joins the established cornerstones in Degetel’s offer: Digital Transformation, Digital Studio, Digital Factory and Digital Performance.

Soon in the same premises

And to bring this new union to life, the former Octelio teams will join the T&S x Degetel Paris premises located at 54 Avenue du Général Leclerc in Boulogne-Billancourt, whenever the sanitary situation is favourable. The Lille address of 40 place du Théâtre is unchanged.

“We are happy to open the year 2021 with a nice adventure: the launch of a new offer that will complete the Degetel panel. This new offer is based on the following areas: Consulting in Digital Strategy and Marketing, Digital Productions and application development, E-Commerce, Marketing Data Management, E-CRM, and Interactive Communication. The know-how of Octelio’s teams will be a major advantage that will differentiate us among the various players in the market.”

Yannick Quignon – VP Digital T&S Groupe

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