Technology & Strategy wishes to assert itself in the research and development (R&D) sector of robotics applied to agriculture, logistics, defense and many other fields.

In 2020, T&S created the “Innolab” an innovation department dedicated to the development of an all-terrain autonomous robot. The Innolab team is composed of PhDs, engineers and doctoral students and works closely with renowned laboratories such as IRIMAS in Mulhouse (UHA) and ICube in Strasbourg (UNISTRA).

The activities of T&S are in line with public policies that encourage R&D. Through these projects, T&S wishes to highlight its expertise in concepts and the level of maturity of the technological bricks that could be used to benefit potential customers.

France 2030

In the framework of the development of a computerized ground-wheel modeling tool for off-road use and the experimental validation of these models, the T&S innovation unit “Innolab” has submitted an application to the call for projects “Innovation projects in the Grand Est region” instructed by the BPi as part of the “France 2030” plan.

France 2030 is a national investment plan with a budget of 54 billion euros in continuation of the “France Relance” plan. It aims to develop industrial competitiveness and the technologies of the future.

BPi finances and supports companies – at every stage of their development – with credit, guarantees, innovation aid and equity capital. On behalf of the French government, it implements public policies for companies in their development, ecological and energy transition, innovation and international projects.

T&S innovation department obtains 400 k

Innolab will benefit from 400 k€ of financial aid, shared equally between the State and the Grand Est region, to build the 2nd generation prototype vehicle and develop tools to model its dynamics on unstable ground.

The program covered by the financial aid extends from January 2023 to July 2024.

The grant will allow T&S to create 5 positions and to launch the hardware and software investments necessary to realize the second generation experimental platform.

In 2024, the financial support will allow the continuity of the positions created and the development of the vehicle dynamics modeling tools.

Finally, the realization of experimental campaigns using the instrumented prototype will allow the fine-tuning of the models developed for the simulations.

The Innolab team is one of the showcases of the group’s know-how. Through the demonstration of technological bricks developed by the R&D teams, T&S wants to highlight the technical solutions and the level of expertise it can provide to its customers and partners.

Innovation is at the heart of agricultural robotics. With an expert team and strong partnerships, T&S is ready to meet the current and future challenges of the market.

"Since its launch in 2008, T&S has truly positioned itself as a catalyst capable of accompanying companies in their transformation, by aligning their needs with our competencies.

Faced with multiple market "tipping points" and the constant questioning of established rules, innovation appears to be the only answer to this paradigm shift.

The granting of the R&D subsidy for the second generation of the autonomous all-terrain robot Kipp is a strong signal for the future of our company and for our positioning in terms of innovation."

Jeremie Huss Founder and CEO of T&S Group

Jérémie Huss

CEO T&S Group

"Innovation is a central part of T&S's strategy, as it allows us to prepare tomorrow's services by understanding the needs of the market. In this sense, innovation goes beyond the product and its process by impacting the values as well as the culture of a company. All these innovations become the engine of a global performance at group level. Through innovation, T&S wishes to acquire the skills and know-how that will enable us to respond to our customers' problems."

Jérémie Guignard

Responsable Financement R&D

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