Innolab, Technology & Strategy's Innovation Center, Qualifies for the Grand Défi 2024 Hackathon Finals

Technology & Strategy is proud to announce that its innovation center, Innolab, has qualified for the finals of the 2024 Hackathon organized by the Grand Défi Robotique Agricole and powered by RobAgri, a major event dedicated to fostering advancements in agricultural robotics.

This competition helps to advance the technical solutions required for the deployment of agricultural robots, by offering researchers and engineers the opportunity to compare their ideas and solutions for solving technical challenges.
Today, agricultural robotics is considered part of the solutions needed to make the agro-ecological transition. It enables better crop management, optimizes fertilizer inputs and reduces the consumption of phytosanitary products. It also opens the door to new ways of rethinking certain models of conventional agriculture.

Taking Place at the World FIRA, a Global Gathering of Robotics Innovation:

The Grand Défi Hackathon is organized by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in partnership with the Grand Défi association.

It will be held from February 6-8, 2024, at the World FIRA (International Forum of Agricultural Robotics) in Toulouse, France. This global event attracts innovators, farmers, investors, and leading companies all dedicated to the progress of agricultural robotics.

The Grand Défi Robotique Agricole Hackathon

The Grand Défi Robotique Agricole is launching its first hackathon at the World FIRA. The hackathon will challenge teams to develop solutions to improve the safety of robotics.

The hackathon is organized in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Teams worked remotely to develop their solutions for each challenge.
  • Phase 2: The selected teams will come together at the World FIRA to present their solutions and compete for prizes.

The hackathon is a great opportunity for students, engineers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and creativity. It is also a great opportunity to learn about the latest challenges and opportunities in agricultural robotics.

This hackathon offers 3 different challenges teams will compete on:

Challenge 1: “Field coverage by a robotic platform taking into account known obstacles”.

Challenge 2: “Pedestrian detection in the field”.

Challenge 3: “Dynamic obstacle avoidance”.

These challenges are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of agricultural robots on farms.

Tackling the pedestrian detection and dynamic obstacle avoidance challenges:

The Innolab team have submitted solutions for the detection challenges of the hackathon.

Their work, led by Matthias Spisser and Vincent Person, was rewarded by an invitation to the finals for their work on the pedestrian detection.

InnoLab pedestrian detection workflow for autonomous agriculture robots
AI Detected obstacles from the LiDAR data are tracked, and their positions are computed based on multiple measurements using Kalman filter

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for Accurate Detection:

To address these challenges, Innolab has developed a state-of-the-art convolutional neural network (CNN).

This advanced artificial intelligence technology excels at object detection based on semantic segmentation, utilizing 3D LiDAR data.

This powerful combination allows for accurate detection of pedestrians and obstacles, even in challenging conditions like fog or dust, enhancing safety and reliability on the farm.

Competing for Solutions and Shaping the Future of Agriculture:

Innolab's participation in the Grand Défi Hackathon finals underscores its commitment to driving innovation in the field of agricultural robotics.

The team is determined to showcase its expertise and contribute solutions that directly benefit farmers.

Their success at the event would hold significant implications for the future of agriculture, paving the way for safer, more productive, and sustainable farming practices.

Beyond the Competition: Exploring the World FIRA:

Furthermore, Innolab's presence at the World FIRA extends beyond the Hackathon.

The event provides a valuable platform to connect with fellow innovators, learn about the latest developments in agricultural robotics, and explore potential collaborations.

The World FIRA Awards 2024 will be presented at the event, recognizing the best robots and robot builders in the industry. The awards will be presented in three categories:

  • Ag Robot of the Year – Choice of farmers: This award will be given to the best robot currently on the market, as selected by farmers.
  • Best Start-up – Choice of investors: This award will be given to the most promising start-up in terms of investment, as selected by a jury of investors.
  • Best World FIRA Robot – Choice of World FIRA 2024 participants: This award will be given to the robot that is most popular among participants at the World FIRA.

This event fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas that can accelerate the overall progress of the industry and create synergies between market players such has Innolab.

Our autonomous agriculture robotics team at the world fira 2023
Our team at the World FIRA 2023.

Innolab's participation in the Grand Défi Hackathon and the World FIRA is a testament to its dedication to shaping the future of agriculture.

Through innovation and collaboration, the team at Innolab strives to develop solutions for players in the autonomous agricultural robotics market.



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