Leading the path for innovation…

Since its creation, ENGLAB’s objective has always been to stay one step ahead of innovation. 

It might seem obvious, but it is the only – if not the best – way to offer our clients an upgraded tool’s portfolio, adapted to their future challenges. 

Which is why it was quite natural for us to let young engineers’ step in! Trusting our trainees is a fundamental step for any design office who takes the “challenge yourself constantly” motto seriously. However, it is the only way to have a critical outlook on one’s activities. 

Nicolas, mechanical trainee at ENGLAB

In the continuity of our ENGLAB-TRAINEE spotlights edition, we would like now to present you our mechanical trainee at ENGLAB.  

How did it all start for Nicolas? Not to sound as a “once upon a time” storyline, but it is still during an exhibition where T&S frequently takes part in to exchange with talents that it all started. His motivation and proven experience in both mechanics and computer science is all it took. Indeed, it was clearly the perfect match between them from the very start! The perfect balance between is skills and our technical needs at the moment.  

Our Englab trainee Nicolas

No later than in September 2021, Nicolas joined our Teams! Both interested in R&D work related to a technical product, but also keen on the industrialization methods that ensue, Nicolas aims to develop his competencies furthermore, before leaving to explore Japan for the other half of his gap year. 

In the long run, he would like to finish his studies before moving on to production methods entirely. 

AI & AR, two complementary technologies for enhanced operator support and process quality guarantee

For several years, ENGLAB has been working on the digitalization and optimization of production facilities, may it be on behalf of its clients or through its own development. Which is how Virtual Reality (VR) and Machine Learning, among others, have now become fundamental part of our skills’ portfolio. 

Within the Industry 4.0 framework, Nicolas has been developing “zero error” workstations which guides the operator through his tasks. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a camera mounted on the unit itself, the assembly information’s are projected onto the component (Projection Mapping), guiding the operator through each stage of assembly, while ensuring quality control during the overall process. 


Team spirit and in-depth skills: a great cocktail as per Nicolas only

For Nicolas, ENGLAB stands out thanks to the cohesion between its teams. By working in open spaces, he got to know every ENGLABers quickly, while continuously interacting on everyone’s work and thus developing a spirit of collaboration and mutual support. 

" I am learning a lot about AI and AR through this internship, especially thanks to the research work I did at the very beginning. “ 

However, this was not his first experience in the industry! Which is how he already had a good insight on how a structure like ENGLAB could work from inside-out.

Throughout this internship, Nicolas was nevertheless able to extend his “engineering hard skills” way beyond the framework of his first expectations and training objectives. All it takes is taking a glance at his in-depth expertise in modelling for instance, to realize it!  



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