Fueling his passion for exploration and professional growth, Carrel Nirina's journey at Technology & Strategy is anything but ordinary. This dynamic engineer embodies the spirit of a modern career, blending ambition with global adventures. As T&S's first employee based in Asia, Carrel's story transcends professional milestones, offering a vibrant glimpse into the exciting world of a modern engineer.

Before joining T&S, what were you up to?

Before embarking on this journey, I honed my skills as an embedded systems student at INSA Toulouse.

Embedded software engineer benefits from a VIE program to support is career growthto
Carrel in front of his current project in Singapore

What drew you to T&S, and how did you become part of the team?

In 2020, during my active search for junior engineer opportunities, I connected with the Southwest France HR manager on LinkedIn. The timing was perfect! The interview process went smoothly, and the positive vibes from the team sealed the deal.

Can you describe the T&S environment when you started? How has it evolved?

Back then, T&S Southwest was smaller, and the Nantes office wasn't even established. I witnessed exciting growth during my three years, even contributing to finding the Nantes office space!

Do any special memories stand out from your first day?

My first day was an adventure! On Wednesday, Pierre-Andre presented a Nantes mission. I nailed the technical interview by Thursday, the client loved my profile by Friday, and I started the following Wednesday. Talk about fast-paced! Moving from Toulouse to Nantes over the weekend ensured I hit the ground running.

What were your initial career goals at T&S?

My journey aimed to gain experience as an embedded software engineer while travelling within France, Europe, or even globally. Starting in Nantes, three years later, I find myself in Singapore! I'd say I'm on track!

Can you walk us through your career path at T&S?

My path can be divided into two exciting chapters:

  • Nantes: My first     post-graduation mission. For three years, I collaborated with     the same client on diverse embedded software development     projects. This nurturing environment equipped me with invaluable     experience.
  • Singapore: My current     highlight! As part of the VIE program, I've spent the past six     months here. My focus is on developing soft and management skills to     become a more versatile embedded software engineer.

What challenges have you faced, and how did you tackle them?

My current Singapore mission presents my greatest challenge. Firstly, adapting to the unique blend of English, Chinese, and Malay accents in Singaporean English can be tricky. Secondly, the mission demands skills beyond pure embedded software knowledge, pushing me to expand my capabilities.

An embedded software engineer from Technology and Strategy who chose to move to india

What are some unforgettable experiences you've had at T&S?

The Bordeaux biannual meeting holds a special place in my memory. It was my first encounter with the T&S Southwest teams. Connecting with everyone, even catching up with old friends, followed by a thrilling surfing session the next day - truly unforgettable!

What accomplishments at T&S fill you with the most pride?

Being the first T&S employee in Asia, based in Singapore, is a source of immense pride. I hope it paves the way for more colleagues to explore this incredible region.

What's your perspective on the future of T&S?

The company's expanding growth excites me, opening doors to even more diverse missions and destinations.

What are your personal aspirations for the future?

My core values haven't changed since arriving in Singapore — travel and experience! While I see myself in Singapore for a few years, a return to Toulouse might be on the horizon eventually.

What do you enjoy most about working at T&S?

The open communication with my managers and HR is invaluable. The T&S Southwest management team actively supported my mobility project to Singapore. They understand my personal goals and provide unwavering support to help me achieve them.

What advice would you offer to career starters?

Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. While it might seem challenging, it unlocks unexpected opportunities and shapes your personal and professional journey.


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