March 2022

Speed Dating - HS Bremen

The school offers companies the opportunity to meet students who are looking for internship and job opportunities in our core business. The Speed Dating format allows a privileged individual exchange between students and companies.

T&S participants : @Mathilde HUC, @Tiphaine LERSCH

29th of March 2022

31th of March 2022

HR Webinair - ENSEA

Ecole national superieure de l'electronique et de ses applications logo

As a partner of ENSEA, T&S is asked to help students prepare for the job search. In this context, our HR BP in Paris, Anne-Sophie, will lead a workshop to give students the keys to interview preparation and CV writing.

T&S participants : @Anne-Sophie MOREL

Partners Day - ENSISA

Ecole nationale supérieure d'ingénieurs Sud Alsace - Alsace TechEcole nationale supérieure d'ingénieurs Sud Alsace logo

Like every year, we participate to the ENSISA's partner day. This day is an opportunity to present T&S to the students during a plenary session and then to exchange in a more informal way during a small forum. Visits to departments are also planned by the school in order to develop synergies between the school and companies.

T&S participants : @François Derivaux, @Sakina HANINE, @Samuel Renaud, @Axel Lambert

31st of March 2022

31st of March 2022

Speed Recruiting

ESIEE Paris, l'école de l'innovation technologique | Grande école d'ingénieurs

This Speed Recruiting event is a key event to meet students at the Masters level and help them plan their professional project through the search for an internship.

T&S Participants : @Bilal GOUCEM, Ingrid SELVRAJ

The Forum of Professionalization contracts - Angers

ESEO - Grande Ecole d'Ingénieurs Généralistes à Angers, Paris, Dijon et ShanghaiESEO - Grande Ecole d'Ingénieurs Généralistes à Angers

For several years now, we have been attending this forum offered by our partner school, ESEO. This event is an opportunity to meet students who are looking for a company to accompany them during their final year of studies.

T&S participants : @Dorian Maurin, Hélène Clerc Lemaure

31st of March 2022

30th & 31st of March 2022

Med'inov fair in Lyon

technology and strategy sera au salon medi'nov 2022

Since 2013, Medi'Nov has become a key event for the MedTech sector, allowing manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, as well as healthcare institutions (university hospitals, etc.) to take stock of the latest developments in the sector, particularly in terms of innovative technologies, products and services.

April 2022

The Forum of Professionalization contracts - Vélizy

ESEO - Grande Ecole d'Ingénieurs Généralistes à Angers, Paris, Dijon et ShanghaiESEO - Grande Ecole d'Ingénieurs Généralistes à Angers

A first for the Vélizy campus of our partner school, ESEO. This event is an opportunity to meet students seeking a company to work with them during their last year of studies.

T&S PArticipants: @Anne-Sophie MOREL, Matthieu SAUVAGE

7th of April 2022

7th of April 2022

Company Forum - ESTA

Like every year, we do not miss the ESTA forum which allows us to recruit our future business engineers. The format is favourable to qualitative exchanges since it involves individual exchanges between professionals and students.

T&S Participants: @Arnaud Bastien, @Rivka Mangold


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