T&S continues its one-stop shop strategy

Since 2008, T&S has strongly evolved from an Engineering expert to a one-stop-shop solution. The new partnerships allowed the group to now positioned itself as a 360 solution for its customers.

As Digital transformation tends to be an increasingly key topic for all companies, it seems natural that T&S reinforces its digital expertise.

A lot already happened in two years with the acceleration of Antaes in Switzerland, the integration of Degetel in France and Belgium, and the new digital nearshore platform with Lisbon Nearshore in Portugal. In order to further reinforce this expertise, T&S group met Novencia this year, and it appears to be a perfect match !

About Novencia Group

Novencia Group was created in 2005, and is a pure digital player in the financial field (Bank, Finance, Insurance). With a strong expertise in Digital and Data in France and Tunisia, Novencia is offering consulting services for companies’ top management.

With this partnership, Novencia group will have a critical size to become even more reliable to large companies. Novencia will walk side by side with Degetel on several projects. The group will have access to the T&S experience to offer its solutions to several other fields of activity (healthcare, retail, etc.) and to have a bigger playground at an international level.

The group strengthens its digital expertise

For T&S, this new asset is strongly reinforcing its digital and consulting expertise. It will also offer to the group a new nearshore location in Tunis, which can already deliver turnkey solutions. 

Novencia and Degetel brands will get along easily because of their strong HR Culture. They shared common approach to support their talents development and work life balance, which will bring a lot of opportunities for all of them.

«It’s a new step for the Digital part of the group. Thanks to the combination of current expertises within the group and Novencia’s ones, we’ll be able to deliver more complex projects to our customers, we'll go from the Analysis of the digital ambition, through the complete digital transformation / optimization, until the data collection and its management . It will bring a real added value for our customers and also offer really dynamic career path for our coworkers on that part too.»

Jeremie Huss Founder and CEO of T&S Group

Jérémie Huss

CEO T&S Group

«I’m thrilled by this new partnership and everything that it will bring, we will get really stronger regarding the Finance/Banking/Insurance field thanks to our respective strong experience.»

Yannick Quignon

VP Digital - T&S Group

«I am rejoicing as the partnership with T&S and Degetel enables a broader and stronger growth path for NOVENCIA immediately and in the long term future.»

Arnaud Zilliox

Arnaud Zilliox

Founder & CEO Novencia Group


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