T&S Group Awarded HappyIndex® AtWork and TechAtWork® World 2022

3 May 2022
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Committed and motivated employees

Since 2020, Technology & Strategy Group has been awarded the HappyIndex® AtWork label.

This label, powered by ChooseMyCompany, recognizes companies whose employees declare to be committed, motivated and happy in a 100% anonymous survey.

The survey assesses the main motivating factors, such as professional development, work environment, management, recognition, pride and fun.
To qualify for the label, the results must meet three conditions:

– Obtain a participation rate of more than 50% among employees.
– Attain an overall score of more than 3.80/5.
– Obtain an overall recommendation rate of over 60%.

It is based on the 2022 survey results that the HappyIndex®AtWork World label was awarded to the Technology & Strategy Group.

The survey also allows the label to be broken down by continent and by country to certify and analyze individually the geographical areas in which the company is present.

The group obtained the following labels:

T&S Group also awarded the TechAtWork World 2022 label

This label allows companies like Technology & Strategy to certify that its “Tech” employees (consultants) are happy in the company.

The label is established from the answers of the “Tech” employees who participated in the HappyAtWork survey, and is also available by continent and by country.

Certified ESG reviews and verbatims of 2022

The survey also facilitates the obtaining of verbatim and certified ESG & qualified reviews from participants through the following open questions:

– What do you like MOST about your company / organization?
– What do you like LEAST about your company/organization?
– What do you like MOST about your mission?
– What do you like LEAST about your job?

This year’s survey yielded 2812 ESG-certified verbatims.

Here are a few from the 2022 survey.

Find ways to improve to keep growing

These verbatims as well as all the data collected will be subject to analysis and a report will be made available to the employees at a later date.

This approach highlights the actions carried out by the company for the development of its employees while enriching its reflections on the actions to be taken to continue to grow positively.

Do you want to be part of the adventure?