T&S awarded the “Happy Trainees” label

10 September 2020
Label HappyTrainees 2021
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After 2018, T&S is proud to be awarded again with the HappyIndex®Trainees label from ChooseMyCompany.

Following the establishment of a vast survey for trainees and work-study students, T&S was awarded the HappyIndex®Trainees | France 2020-2021 label.

The survey developed by ChooseMyCompany anonymously interviewed our trainees and work-study students from all types of education with the aim of measuring their development through 6 dimensions: professional development, environment, management, motivation, pride and fun.

Thanks to a strong involvement and a high participation rate of 81%, T&S stands out as one of the companies in which trainees and work-study students are the most satisfied.

Career development, a key driver of satisfaction

The “professional progress” aspect is the main reason for satisfaction among students’ feedback. When asked about their progress through training, missions/responsibilities or work experience, 8 out of 10 say they are satisfied with their learning.

“This award is the result of a full process implemented for trainees and work-study students. At T&S, in 2019, 68% of final-year internships led to a new contract. The results of this survey confirm this positive dynamic and also help us to work on the identified areas for improvement.”

Caroline Simmet – Campus Manager

Interested in joining us?

Looking for an internship, a VIE or a work-study contract? Our teams are looking year-round for positions in Engineering, IT/Digital, HR, Business and the Corporate functions of T&S Group (Finance, Accounting, Communication, …).

Find your next internship in our “Jobs” section or send us your application at: campus-recrutement@d95toakxqm.preview.infomaniak.website

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