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Interview - Guillaume
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Junior consultant, works for T&S since March 2019

Sylvain, what is your academic background?

After obtaining my scientific bachelor’s degree, I hesitated between going for STAPS (Science and techniques of sports activities) or a DUT GEII (Electrical engineering and industrial computing). I set my mind on the second option because it offered more exciting opportunities.

I validated my M1 in Home Automation and specialized in embedded systems during M2.

I wanted to improve my English skills and that’s why I took the opportunity to work at T&S in Germany. I started with a 4-month internship, followed by a VIE and I currently have a permanent contract with the company.

How did your working life at T&S begin?

When I first joined T&S, I was given a choice between two projects. I chose to work on the DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) and I had to test software for the LABCAR.

At the beginning, it was a lot of pressure. We arrived on a critical project with a lot of expectations. During my 4 months internship, I was in the implementation part on the scripting part. Despite the pressure, we were guided, trained and supported by all T&S colleagues.

I managed to improve my English and become more independent. I also had the opportunity to travel to Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf with other T&S colleagues.

Currently, I work on trade missions in addition to my usual tasks. I personally chose to do so, because I like the commercial aspect, too.

What do you like most in your job?

I enjoy working in an international environment and meeting multicultural people. It is enriching but you have to adapt the working methods.

I was able to preview models that are not yet unveiled. That’s why I like the automotive field, we work on concrete things that can impact the daily lives of many people!

Finally, I also had the chance to participate in company events on the client’s site. I took part in their internal karting championship but the level is very high, especially with the ones that are used to testing cars on a proper road!

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