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Solutions taking care of the environment wired to connection fully customizable with intelligence on board to rock the world

The digitalization of our environment creates new perspectives. Controlling and developing the entire life cycle of products, processes, and services is a daily challenge for our customers. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts innovate, perform and surprise you by making tomorrow’s innovations a reality today!

Smart consulting
What is it?

Intelligent system, factory 4.0 and big data

We accelerate our customers’ technological development by integrating all the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Smart product
Smart product

Intelligent and connected solutions

Design, simulation, test, our experts innovate to offer you breakthrough and connected solutions.

An agile and innovative approach

The design of a product requires several areas of expertise requiring the work of different engineers and technicians. The products have gone from mechanical and electronic sub-assemblies to complex systems integrating mechatronic and computer blocks. In order to optimize development costs and to test all operating modes, products are simulated on computers from a structural point of view but also on their functionalities. These blocks are interfaced with others by relying on physical or dematerialized communication networks. The Digital allows to collect the data, sort it, evaluate it and modify the behavior of the product.

Smart data
Smart data

Big data and real time analysis

Decision making, processing time, intelligent and connected approach: T&S saves you time.

Exploitation and optimisation of data

Products are now designed to capture information, transmit it via the Internet, analyze it and optimize its behavior. This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Objects can also be connected to each other. Most sectors of activity use this technology: from health to home automation. The success of a product is no longer based solely on its technical performance, but also on the behaviour of users and their needs. This is made possible thanks to Smart Data (collection and sorting of relevant data) and Business Intelligence (translation of data into vital information for decision support).

Smart factory
Smart factory

Industry 4.0

Machines, people and processes at the service of tomorrow’s factory factories of the future.

A controlled and connected production

The industrialization of a product has strongly evolved in recent years, moving from factory 1.0 (mechanization) to 4.0, integrating digital and connecting people, products and processes. Production is currently undergoing profound transformations. Technological innovations have made it possible to reduce manual work, to gain in productivity and quality. The production lines are now connected to allow an optimization of the manufacturing process. The trend towards ultra-customisation is generating new constraints in design but above all in industrialisation.

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Our methods of intervention

We offer 4 intervention methods for your projects


With the technical assistance, we intervene directly on your site, within your teams and projects. Thanks to this mode of intervention we integrate your development methods and tools in order to offer personalized support.


The service center allows us to make our expertise available to you through a comprehensive catalog of services. Thanks to this solution, you can choose your resources "à la carte" according to the need for support on your project. This mode of intervention offers great flexibility and simplified management of your budget.


The work package is a service in which the entire responsibility for the project is entrusted to us. We are accountable for the deadlines, the quality of the deliverables and the budget compliance. We are engaged in tools and results. Our consultants can work on your premises or in our various European agencies.


IT, digital, safety, mechanical or electronic: our research and design offices will support you in the research and development of your products. From creation to maintenance, we intervene throughout the entire life cycle of your product.


Discover our intervention methods






Finance & Insurance


Special vehicles

Looking for a MasterClass ?

Technology & Strategy also offers training programs that aim to share our expertise and experience in order to contribute to the development of your skills.

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Our expertise covers a wide range of professions in the fields of engineering and IT. The training that we can provide combine theory and practice by relying on the experience of our collaborators.

We build packages adapted to your training needs.

How can we accompany you?

In-class or on-line, our customized training courses can be designed to meet your needs in an in-house format. Depending on the area of expertise, these training sessions can be provided in French, English and German.

We are involved from the design of the training to its deployment, and we can also adapt our programs to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the “contact us” form. Do not hesitate to detail your training needs, this will allow us to best meet your training needs.

During a formalized exchange with you, we will validate your expectations and explore your needs in depth in order to create an adapted training.

Here are some examples of the training courses we offer:

Project management

Training available in English, French and German

All our training programs are accessible to people with disabilities. They are given by experts and therefore require a delay of 3 weeks to be organized.

You can contact us to consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

Assistance & support

Our Talents for your needs

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