Quality of life at work at T&S

29 June 2023
Scéance de yoga pour le bien-être des employées T&S
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“Technology & Strategy’s main objective is to share an enriching experience with each and every one of our employees.” – Technology and Strategy’s CSR strategy 2023-2026

From the 19th to the 23rd of june 2023 the Quality of Life and Working Conditions Week was celebrated for the first time at Technology and Strategy.

But exactly what does QWLW mean? It’s the key principles and essential conditions of a working environment focused on the well-being of employees, and in particular their physical and mental health.

All over France, our employees were able to take part in various face-to-face and online well-being workshops ✨. These workshops fostered a positive working environment favorable to professional fulfillment, and offered our employees a moment of wellbeing as well as tools to use throughout the year.

This year, the workshops were organized around 3 main themes: nutrition, ergonomics and yoga 😊.

La qualité de vie au travail passe aussi par la nutrition
Atelier nutrition chez T&S pour la semaine de la QVCT

A balanced diet is essential for our well-being, it’s our energy to live and thrive ⚡. This energy needs to be sustained regularly, so it’s crucial to eat healthy during your lunch break. Dieticians have taught us what the different nutritional parameters are and how to combine them to achieve a balanced diet and maximize your well-being 💪.

Atelier RSE sur la posture au bureau pour les employés T&S

Did you know that the amount of time adults spend sitting is 12 hours on working days and 9 hours on non-working days? Ergonomics workshops enabled employees to improve their well-being by adapting their working environments. These workshops were led by ergonomists and occupational physicians, who demonstrated step-by-step how to adjust to your workstation to prevent work-related posture problems. 🖥️

The QWLW week ended with an outdoor yoga session 🧘 to improve flexibility as well as relax deeply (and also learn how to ignore little bugs 🦋😉).

Scéance de yoga pour le bien-être des employées T&S

Thanks to all the participants for their motivation and for their cheerfulness during the different workshops 😊.

At Technology & Strategy QWLW is not limited to one week: we offer workshops and implement QWLW related events all year round.

💡 If you’d like to learn more about the quality of life at work, we have e-learning modules available on subjects like: Sport and nutrition, ergonomics, the right to disconnect and more.

👉 See you very soon for new CSR actions in September (😉small hints: inclusion and environment) 🍃.

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