Safety Engineer

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The Safety Engineer evaluates the reliability (ensure continuity of service), maintainability (be repairable), availability (be ready for use) and safety (non-occurrence of catastrophic events) of infrastructures, systems…within the framework of projects.

Main activities

  • Define a safety plan in accordance with customer requirements
  • Preparing regulatory safety files on behalf of supervisory/regulatory authorities (e.g. transport organizing authorities)
  • Presenting safety files to the authorities and project owners
  • Conducting security expertise missions (including certification and evaluation)
  • Carry out system availability and maintainability studies
  • Develop safety assurance plans to ensure that safety is considered for all project stakeholders.
  • Define technical, regulatory and normative requirements to be met in order to achieve the safety objectives.

Additional activities

  • Participate in the commercial development of the field and respond to calls for tenders within the framework of MOE, AMO or expertise missions.
  • Participate in meetings of supervisory authorities and working groups on new regulations (as an expert)
  • Take part in approvals


Fluent English, risk management, project management assistance in project framing, CAO design software, 2D / 3D visuals

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