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The engineer or Quality Manager defines and implements the company’s quality policy by associating indicators and control processes. He/She is responsible for the conformity of the company’s products or services to internal and external requirements (compliance with standards, legal requirements, customer expectations, etc.). He/she coordinates the steering and monitoring activities of the performance of the company’s quality procedures and methodologies.

Main activities

Implementation of the Quality procedure

  • Organize and maintain the quality management system and supervise its implementation at all levels of the company.
  • Define and implement the communication plan on the quality policy and program
  • To set up, support and follow quality procedures in the entity in which he/she works.
  • Organize actions to raise awareness and train staff on the issue of quality.
  • To lead working groups on the writing of procedures and rules concerning quality.
  • To prepare the writing of quality manuals and procedures.
  • To prepare the specific certification or accreditation procedures and to ensure the durability of the certifications in force.
  • Optimize quality processes (quality system) according to the company’s feasibility constraints.
  • Negotiate technical and human improvements internally with the production, purchasing, supply, R&D and sales departments in order to achieve quality objectives.


Monitoring and control of quality indicators

  • To control and monitor the indicators allowing to verify the conformity of the manufactured products to the standards in force and to the procedures defined within the framework of the certification.
  • Organize tests and internal audits in order to analyze the points of nonconformity and to set up appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
  • Plan and organize supplier audits in compliance with standards and the company’s quality policy.
  • Participate in the elaboration of product documentation from upstream to downstream, including regular checks carried out on the production line or by the laboratory.
  • Elaborate and communicate a weekly synthesis on the quality of the manufacturing process, highlighting variations and forecasts for the coming week.
  • Analyze differences between forecasts and actual results.
  • Define investments or process improvements accordingly.


Relations with the various business partners

  • Identify and analyze quality problems and propose corrective actions
  • Correct the product specifications according to customer requirements and send in their requests.
  • Raise awareness in the field among operators and workshop managers on the importance of respecting the quality approach.

Legal watch

  • To follow and apply the new regulations specific to the company’s sector concerning products, labelling, processes, packaging, cleaning of equipment, new control, detection and measuring devices, etc…
  • Carry out a documentary monitoring and read specialized magazines.
  • Exchange with the different quality engineers of the group, follow the policy defined and implemented in the group.


Additional activities

  • Define action plans related to health, safety and the environment
  • Defining and implementing the company’s corporate social responsibility and sustainable development approach
  • Participate in the implementation of the supplier quality management system
  • Preparing specific certification or accreditation procedures
  • Accompany external contacts on factory visits.
  • Participate in the implementation of a production management software or ERP.
  • Manage one or more teams in the context of major projects.
  • Participate in working groups in France or at European or even international level on the development of future standards.




Fluent English, autonomy, mastery the office pack, tests & diagnostics, analysis watch and document management…

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