Engineering / IT Development Leader

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The EDL or IDL develops the company’s business on new and existing accounts, depending on the authority given by the manager.

Main activities

He/She is in charge of identifying contacts, carrying out telephone and field prospecting and detecting project needs and follows up and qualifies these requests.

The EDL / IDL must also prepare and carry out the qualifications of candidates or consultants.

He/She participates in the drafting of technical-financial offers.

The EDL / IDL is in charge of monitoring the company’s recruitment process and can present and sign employment contracts for the Business Units of the Operational Manager.

He/She may also be required to accompany certain consultants and carry out their administrative follow-up.

In agreement with the Management, he defines the annual projection of his/her scope of activity via a Business Plan.

Additional activities

He/She makes monthly and weekly reports to the Chief Operating Officer and the manager of its Business Unit, according to the processes in force in the company.


Entrepreneurial spirit, agility, autonomy, taste for challenge, strength of proposal, entrepreneurial spirit, resistance to stress and pressure, spirit of synthesis, dynamism, strength of conviction…

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