Embedded Electronic Engineer

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The embedded electronics engineer designs and builds complex electronic systems and defines the architecture of products and components for applications in various sectors (automotive, aeronautics, mobile and communicating objects, energy, health, etc.).

Main activities

Preliminary project studies

  • Study the opportunities and technological feasibility of the envisaged application.
  • Analyse the technical constraints of the system and costs.
  • Carry out a technology intelligence (technologies, processes, methods, etc.).
  • Define the hardware and software architecture of the project.
  • Write functional specifications in collaboration with other specialists involved in the project.


Technical translation of the functional requirement

  • Participate in the detailed functional analysis of user requirements.
  • Establish an electronic architecture solution.
  • Develop and write the functional specifications (technical clauses for embedded products) and the specific components.
  • Determine all the components necessary for the development of the on-board system, considering the constraints (technical specifications, deadlines, budgets, reliability).
  • Studying the feasibility, availability and maintainability of the product, considering the components and their compatibility.
  • Definition of the functional interfaces of the embedded product.


Product design and development

  • Specify the analytical methods for developing innovative solutions, taking into account sector-specific quality standards.
  • To model, realize electronic schematics and simulate functions.
  • Create a prototype.
  • Carry out or manage software development, adjustment, deployment (software integration).
  • Preparing elements for patent registration, if necessary.
  • Realize the technical documentation for further development and production.
  • Manage functional interfaces with other technical teams (design offices, testing, quality, etc.).
  • Improve product characteristics and new versions following the ramp-up of certain components or customer feedback.


Testing and validation

  • Define test cases and associated test benches.
  • Carry out design development and validation tests.
  • Interpret results, write test reports and correct malfunctions.
  • Verify the system’s capabilities with the customer’s request.
  • Ensure the support and technical follow-up of the product in order to improve it


Additional activities

In some companies, the embedded electronics engineer also provides production support by performing on-site installation and development.

On some large projects, the embedded electronics engineer may also have to manage teams of engineers and technicians.

He/she may also be directly involved in the purchase of hardware or components and/or software.

In some organizations, they may be involved in pre-sales activities by providing technical support to the sales teams.




Rigour and organization, customer orientation, interpersonal skills, ability to analyze and synthesize, project management, English and/or German.

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