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The manager creates and/or develops a T&S customer asset, and is responsible for the commercial development of its perimeter.

Main activities

He/She monitors customer relations and ensures the right execution of the mission by participating, for example, in steering committees. He/She is responsible for his/her business plan.

He/She also conducts interviews at the end of the recruitment process.

The manager leads a team of consultants. He is their direct supervisor and must ensure their overall monitoring through regular meetings, support their ambitions for development and handle administrative formalities.

In agreement with its management, he defines its annual projection via a Business Plan in which are defined the management of the financial activity, budget control and profitability. He/She is responsible for achieving its objectives.

Additional activities

According to the existing methods applied in the company, he also reports to the Operational Director of its business unit and/or to General Management via a weekly and monthly reports presenting the monitoring of its activity.


Fluent English, entrepreneurial spirit, agility, autonomy, taste for challenge, results-oriented…

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