Happy At Work

Don’t worry, Be happy !

T&S Group accredited "Happy At Work"

In 2020, Technology and Strategy Group is honored to be labeled HappyIndex® / AtWork for the second time in its history.

This label, powered by ChooseMyCompany, rewards companies where employees say they are motivated and happy. The questions in this survey assess the main motivating factors such as professional development, work environment, management, recognition, pride or pleasure.

It is on the basis of the results obtained during the 2020 survey that the HappyIndex® / AtWork France label was awarded to the Group.

This approach highlights the actions taken by the company for the development of its employees while enriching its reflections on the actions to be taken.

icon note globale
0 /5
overall score obtained
icon confiance
1 %
"I feel that I am trusted"
icon RH
1 %
"I appreciate the quality of human relations"

It is a great pride to be recognized among the companies where the employees are the most motivated and the happiest at work. This rewards the efforts we have put in place. We are already working on areas for improvement in order to continue to progress in the professional development of our employees.

Christophe Roger - Directeur des Ressources Humaines

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