When going on an adventure also allows you to come back better!

La mobilité interne permet chez Technology and Strategy a certain de voyager avec les projets techniques et innovants

Technology and Strategy supports and encourages internal mobility. Rémy has taken advantage of this over the years, first through an international volunteer contract and then through the international dimension of T&S. As Technical project leader at T&S, he continues to go on adventures without ever looking back.

New Partnership with SEITech Solutions

T&S Engineering and SEITech Solutions announce Strategic Development Partnership for Nearshore and Offshore Engineering Activities T&S Engineering, a leading company in embedded systems engineering in the Automotive fields, and SEITech Solutions, an Engineering Service Company focused on Embedded Systems Development for Automotive applications and Industrial IOT, today announced the start of their strategic partnership to […]

Axelle, HR on V.I.E. program in Brussels

Axelle, alternante talent acquisition business Partner en VIE à Bruxelles

A year ago, Axelle was looking for a first experience and a new rewarding challenge abroad. 1 year later, we have decided to interview her to find out why she chose a T&S V.I.E. in Belgium.

T&S Group Awarded HappyIndex® AtWork and TechAtWork® World 2022

Since 2020, Technology & Strategy Group has the honor of being labeled HappyIndex® AtWork. This label rewards companies whose employees declare to be engaged, motivated and happy. The results acquired during the 2022 survey have enabled Technology & Strategy Group to obtain the HappyIndex®AtWork World 2022 label.

Intys Partners joins T&S Group

Intys Partners rejoins T&S group

Technology & Strategy enters into exclusive negotiations with Intys Partners and pursues further growth, with support of Ardian

International Women’s Day interview

International women's day interview

This year, for the International Women’s Day, Technology and Strategy has decided to interview one of its women employee on the subject of the women’s place in a company in 2022. Isabelle Goncalves, HR Teal Leader at ENGLAB and T&S responded positively to our solicitation.

Technology & Strategy sponsors the “Cordées Companieros” program at ENSEA

Un partenariat gagnant-gagnant avec companieros, l'ensea et technology and strategy.

Technology & Strategy was pleased to sponsor this project for the first time as part of its relationship with ENSEA a course that is designed to provide students and future managers with the necessary skills to have a positive impact on the management of the companies they will join once they are in the workplace.