Axelle, HR on V.I.E. program in Brussels

1 June 2022
Axelle, alternante talent acquisition business Partner en VIE à Bruxelles
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a year ago, Axelle was looking for a first experience and a new rewarding challenge abroad.

That is precisely what T&S could offer her with an HR training program in a V.I.E. contract in Belgium near Bruxelles.

1 year later, we have decided to interview her to find out why she chose a T&S V.I.E. in Belgium.

Axelle, could you summarize your career path?

I began my university studies with a degree in Law, with a major in Private Law. I was lacking the human contact dimension, so I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management on a work study program. The choice of a work-study program was obvious, as it would allow me to combine studying with the practical aspects of the work world. I did my work-study training in a consulting firm for two years as a Recruitment Officer. At the end of my studies, I decided to start my professional career with an experience abroad (in the middle of Covid). I have been working as a Talent Acquisition Business Partner in the T&S Belgian office for the past year.

Why did you chose T&S Belgium? What attracted you there?

First and foremost, my first contact with Kahina contributed immensely to my experience at T&S. My first intentions were to explore something other than the consulting industry. However, the T&S approach in the consulting world and the importance of HR within the business processes really attracted me. Furthermore, the project of the growing Belgian agency was very attractive and brought me the challenges I was looking for. I didn’t necessarily know Belgium, but when I asked around, I quickly realized that I would be able to adapt quickly. I frequently have to speak English in my role and this was one of my objectives with an experience abroad.

The last element that convinced me was the human size of each agency at T&S.

Was it a long-standing desire to work abroad?

Yes, absolutely! I love to travel! I’m the type of person who likes to be on the move and discover new cities every weekend. Having an experience abroad brings a lot in terms of maturity and adaptability, and even more on a professional level. Discovering new people, new languages, new customs and new ways of working. Because yes, Belgium is definitely different from France.

What do you like the most about your role ?

In my current missions, I have the opportunity to discover an entirely new way of working due to the change of country, the culture is thoroughly different and this is noticeable with the candidates and clients. Moreover, the human contact is permanent, I discover new people every day with different backgrounds and expectations, it is a challenging puzzle that I like.

Perspectives and the importance of people. T&S values the people experience throughout the career of its employees. I can contribute to the recruiting part as well as the human resource management, which allows me to improve the overall experience with our candidates and employees daily and throughout their time with us. At T&S, as soon as I have new ideas and possibilities for improvement, I am encouraged and empowered by my management, which gives me a whole range of interesting perspectives.


What do you appreciate the most about your belgium life ?

The beers and the fries of course. More seriously, the kindness of the Belgians, the strong community of foreigners present, the local culture, the possibility to travel easily thanks to the strategic location of Belgium in Europe. The possibility to go from urban environment to large green spaces in less than an hour. The list is long, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Do you want to be part of the adventure?