A new exclusive and strategic nearshore activity partnership for T&S Group

12 Dezember 2022
Lisbon Nearshore joins T&S group
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T&S continues its one-stop shop strategy

Created in 2008, T&S group has grown strongly. Today, the group presents a one-stop shop concept around an alliance of experts within several brands located in Europe and Asia. The company offers its customers a single point of contact to a complete solution connecting a high standard of expertise in Engineering, Digital and Consulting.

Having access to interconnected specialists to have a 360°/complete solution for its customers answers a strong market need. 

With a complete expertise, something was still missing to answer all those market’s expectations. That’s why, in early 2022, Technology & Strategy started its first nearshore partnership with SEITech, adding a new strong expertise in the Engineering business line.

Still it was necessary to complement this evolution with a nearshore solution dedicated to the Digital field.

In that sense, T&S identified Lisbon nearshore as an interesting add-on for the group

Created in 2017, Lisbon Nearshore has been growing significantly. Today, it is a team of 90 people working for customers over 6 countries across Europe. They work on top notch technologies for, among others, Application development, Mobile development, Open data solutions, mainly for customers in the luxury markets, but not only.

A lot of possible synergies are possible! ​

In the Digital fields, the T&S group and its brands also have expertises in retail and luxury, on which it can now build with Lisbon Nearshore. In the other fields of activity, it will bring an additional Digital expertise that can challenge and support the ambitions of other customers of the group.

More and more innovative solutions will be delivered faster. 

Finally, and above all, this collaboration makes perfect sense because the vision, values, and work-style at Lisbon Nearshore are in line with those of the T&S group : putting people at the heart of the company.

In a nutshell, this partnership will bring numerous new solutions to T&S customers, but also plenty of opportunities for current employees regarding their career path evolution.

“We are very proud and honored that Tiago and his team decided to join their forces to T&S in order to scale up and propose to their customers the agility of Lisbon Nearshore combined with the international footprint and capacities of T&S. The strong business and technical expertise of Lisbon Nearshore, its international exposure and its perfect match with our own culture and vision will enable all of us to propose even higher added value solutions and opportunities to our clients and employees.”

Fabrice Tricaud Managing Director T&S Group
Fabrice Tricaud
Managing Director T&S Group

“With this new partnership with T&S, Lisbon Nearshore starts a new chapter, renewed with more energy and more ability to reach other destinations, and overcome new challenges.
This alliance makes perfect sense, not only because we fill a gap in the group as nearshore dedicated to digital, but also because we share the same vision and ways of working, always focused on people.
It has been our ambition to reach more markets and new customers with the goal of establishing ourselves as one of the most important technology hubs in Europe and now, with this alliance, this goal is even closer.
I strongly believe that this alliance will bring benefits to the group for the next years to come.“

Tiago Catarino Founder & CEO Lisbon Nearshore
Tiago Catarino
Founder & CEO Lisbon Nearshore

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